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Moët & Chandon launching a Champagne bar in central London is such standard practice as to hardly warrant a mention, but that’s during normal times. And, in case you hadn’t noticed, these aren’t normal times…

The Champagne brand often lends its name to bars and pop-ups, but this year coronavirus has cancelled so many launches that news that Selfridge’s will be opening a new bar slash photography exhibition this September actually feels rather novel and newsworthy.

Taking the spot of last year’s Veuve Cliquot tram Champagne bar pop-up, the new bar, dubbed London Calling, will open on the ground floor of Selfridge’s Oxford Street in September.

As well as serving punters from its bijou bar (last year’s had 10 seats), the bar will also feature photos of iconic London moments featuring Moët. Like 1977 birth of Princess Anne’s child Peter Phillips, or a 1967 Lulu celebrating her first American number one from her London flat.

The centrepiece will be a giant glass re-imaging of the classic London telephone box...

The centrepiece will be a giant glass re-imagining of the classic London telephone box, a mobile-free zone with banquette seating and an immersive Moët & Chandon world for shoppers to enjoy (there’s also the opportunity to pay and receive bottles of Champagne in personalised packaging).

The bar, serving Champagne serving glasses ambitiously priced at £16 and £20 for Moët & Chandon Impérial and Moët Rosé Impérial respectively, will also run a series of Champagne masterclasses from bars including Mr Foggs, Coupette, Heads + Tails and Disrepute between 6th October and 25th November.

We’re looking forward to visiting, drinking Moët & Chandon but mainly because this feels like the most normal launch in the world. And normality is so… abnormal right now…

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