Is anyone else missing their fix of naughty, but oh-so-nice comfort food? We’re missing the days when we had every cuisine, flavour and just option at the end of our fingertips. For now though, you’ll find us scrolling through our Instagram feeds, delving deep in the #foodporn hashtags and waiting for the day we can indulge once again…

Mac & Wild

If there’s one thing we’re missing more than anything right now, it’s Mac & Wild’s ultimate hangover cure: the breakfast burger. Their infamous brioche bap is piled high with a venison patty, lorne sausage, candied bacon, fried egg, bone marrow beans, lettuce and ‘rubies in the rubble’ ketchup. If that alongside their crisp venison and black pudding scotch egg doesn’t sort your Sunday morning hangover, nothing will. You’ll definitely need to pop on an adult bib to devour these tasty weekend staples without spilling them down your white tee…

Dominique Ansel Bakery

If you haven’t managed to get your hands on one of Dominique Ansel’s Cronut, can you even call yourself a hardened Londoner? 

This tasty crossiant-cum-doughnut pastry has been a firm favourite among many a Londoner, tourist and pastry enthusiast since Ansel brought over his creation from New York and we haven’t looked back since. We just can’t wait to get our hands on their flavour rotating sweet treats when lockdown is lifted. (If you’re lucky enough to live close, you can get your hands on these babies and their other delicious treats on Deliveroo!)

The Cheese Bar

Getting your hands on a decent cheese toastie might not seem hard to do but when you’re comparing it to The Cheese Bar’s infamous Croxton Manor West Country brie grilled cheese, it’s a whole ‘nother story. 

You might know these cheese whizz’s for bringing Pick & Cheese, London’s first ever cheese conveyor belt, but we want to draw your attention to their humble grilled cheese selection. From Cropwell Bishop stilton and spiced pear chutney hits to Quicke’s cheddar cheese, Montgomery’s ogleshield and mixed onions, you’re in for a real gouda treat. 

Keep up to date with their delivery options right now too, here.


We sure know Amazonico is a firm favourite of our readers and ours too, thanks to their picture worthy food and extravagant rainforest decor. 

We just love their signature salad, originating all the way from their powerhouse restaurant in Madrid, bursting with mango, confit tomatoes, avocado and secret Kalamasi dressing. Another dish we can’t wait to have satisfy our sweet tooth is their Dulce de leche ‘cheesecake’, essentially a deconstruction of the classic cheesecake. Yum.

Biff’s Jack Shack

We’re all a bit weary of jackfruit but one pop-up-cum-resto that’s revolutionised the spiky fruit is Biff’s Jack Shack. Anything you order off their all-vegan menu is sure to get your tastebuds racing but we’d recommend chomping your way through their crispy fried jackfruit wingz, filthy loaded fries and a burger-stack. We love the buff wingz, loaded with buffalo hot sauce, blue cheeze sauce and spring onion.

The Berkeley 

The Berkeley always seems to wow us away with their elegant, fashion centric Pret a Portea and right now, we’ve craving its extravagance. Almost too cute to bite into, we can’t wait to see what’s next for these little afternoon tea bitesize fashion pieces.

Almost too cute to bite into, we can’t wait to see what’s next for these little afternoon tea bitesize fashion pieces.


We’re missing one Notting Hill hotspot in particular, EGGBREAK. If you couldn’t already guess, these guys have become city renowned for their eggs and as hard as we’ve tried to recreate their signature egg dishes at home, our spilt poaches and inedible runny yolks can’t compare to their masterpieces. We’re looking forward to getting our mitts on their eggbreaky melt, a sweet-sweet combination of potato bun slathered with roasted red pepper jam, American sliced cheddar and scrambled eggs. Delicious.


Having been the first Indian Chef to be awarded a Michelin star in less than a year, Chef Rohit Ghai knows a thing or two about powerful flavour combinations, and that’s exactly what you’ll find yourself diving into at Chelsea hotspot, Kutir. 

If you’re all about the pastry, you’ll love their filo pastry parcels that are filled with charred cauliflower, on a bed of tandoori phool and lightly spiced cauliflower chutney.


Who doesn’t love a big ol’ bowl of carbs? We certainly do!

A restaurant that needs very little introduction and one we’re sure will see Londoners queuing outside the moment Boris gives the green light is Padella, the restaurant known for its fresh take on Italian cooking and lines of hungry people eager to get a bite of the good stuff. Any dish off their menu is #foodporn worthy but it’s probably their pici cacio and pepe that’s on everyone’s lips.

Sticks n Sushi

Any sushi fans out there will be missing their fix at Sticks n Sushi. Every piece is expertly crafted into a beauty of its own and when it’s presented in such a vast quantity as the photograph on the left shows, you can’t help but get a sushi craving… Menu favourites include shake carpaccio, mamma mia, gypsy big and ramu yaki.


Have you ever seen a more beautiful avocado on toast? We think not. 

Widely known for its Insta-worthy interiors and adorably presented brunch bites, Feya is a must-visit destination for any budding Instagram influencers wanting to snap up a photo or two. But the food is just as good as it looks.


As many of us are looking forward to the prospect of a staycation later on in the year, we’ve been thinking about our favourite Devon hotel escape, Boringdon Hall and the excellent restaurant nuzzled inside. 

Headed by head chef Scott Paton, Àclèaf is a restaurant full of British charm from the locally sourced produce through to the rolling countryside sitting outside. One dish that we’re excited to dig into is the Brixham crab with curried emulsion, mango, cardamom and lime.

Nobu London

Perfecting tempura is always tricky but Nobu London have mastered the art infinitely.

Their signature rock shrimp tempura with creamy spicy sauce is a firm favourite among all and since temporarily closing their doors, they’ve had multiple fans of the dish emailing in for the recipe. That’s when you know your dish is the best…

Quartier Restaurant

Is there anything more satisfying than diving into a bowl full o’cheesy mac? Eight Club’s Quartier Restaurant have crafted a dish that’s bursting with local, seasonal and quality in ingredients. This mac and cheese is laced with lobster and truffle, and is just as indulgent as it is delicious.


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