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As a food and drink publication, we’ve seen it all. From Jaffa Cake sweetened rums to French fry flavoured milkshakes, you name it and we’ve almost certainly seen and written about it. But so often these gimmicky drinks lack that extra oomph needed to keep customers coming back for more. They fall short on the flavour front, don’t quite live up to the hype or, worst case scenario, just don’t taste good. Thankfully, Scapegrace Distillery have created a drinks trend that’s actually worth trying and it’s in the form of a colour changing ‘black gin’…

Long gone are the days when pink gin and glittery Prosecco were the hip new drinks to try out. Scapegrace Distillery have just launched a new gin that’s set to be all over your Insta feed.

Their new gin, Scapegrace Black, is the world’s first naturally black gin, and once mixed with tonic, magically changes to a vivid purple. Intrigued? Read on to find out more…

What’s the story behind it?

Let’s head down under… Scapegrace is a New Zealand based distillery set up by two brother-in-laws. The drinks brand has become renowned for its gin and vodka offerings, and was awarded the world’s best London Dry Gin at the London Wines & Spirits competition – so they certainly know their stuff.  

Scapegrace Black is their latest endeavour and our personal favourite. Distilled using glacial pure water from New Zealand’s Southern Alps, the gin, aside from its colour changing qualities, is next level. It’s crisp, light and boasts a collection of natural extracts from the ground, plants, flowers and berries. 

When pouring tonic over the spirit, it feels like something out of Harry Potter’s potions class.

So, what sets it apart from other gins?

Let’s be honest, how many other gins can say that they change colour? None clearly, as this is the world’s first naturally colour changing gin. 

When pouring tonic over the spirit, it feels like something out of Harry Potter’s potions class. The gin literally turns from black to vibrant purple instantaneously. It’s the type of drink you’ll want to whip out at your next dinner party or family BBQ to really wow your guests with the colour changing magic. Plus, its sleek, dark bottle makes the perfect addition your ever-growing trendy drinks cabinet.

The colour isn’t the gin’s only party trick. The gin also has a unique taste – enjoy a sip and experience the flavours of aronia berry, pineapple, saffron, butterfly pea and, rather unusually, sweet potato.

How’s it best served?

Light and refreshing, the signature serve is best enjoyed with a premium tonic and garnished with a slice of fresh green apple, helping to add a little crispness to the tipple. A little twist on your classic G&T but one that’s definitely worth adding.

For those who want to mix it up into a cocktail, we’d recommend the Chokeberry Fizz. It’s a berried, floral based twist on the classic gin fizz. The drink takes its name from the berry family that the Aronia berry comes from and the mix really showcases the berry with its depth of texture and floral notes. 

Read on to find out how to whizz it up at home…

Chokeberry Fizz

50ml Scapegrace Black

3 dash Hibiscus Bitters

10ml Egg white/Aquafaba

25ml Fresh Lime

15ml 1:1 Sugar

Topped with Soda

Method: Add all ingredients, bar the soda to a shaker tin, dry shake then pack the tin with ice and hard shake for 10-15 seconds.

Fine strain into a chilled highball/fizz class that has around 50ml of Soda water in it, pour the fizz from the tin until the cocktail lifts out of the glass, garnish with Dried Plums or hibiscus tea.

Where can you buy it?

Head over to Master of Malt to buy your Scapegrace Black Gin.

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