After three lockdowns and a year in sweatpants, we’re finally on Boris’ roadmap to a little normality. I can almost taste the first sip of questionable pub garden rosé, hear the distant base of June 21st’s nightclub reopenings, and am edging closer to the sweet embrace of friends again – outside of the covid safe confines of a park bench. One problem: my wardrobe is anything but ready.

Here, I plan out my fashion roadmap – my wish list looks for what I’d like to be wearing when the trackies come off…

12th April – Pub Gardens & Outdoor Dining

I spent the majority or 2020 in a double whammy of pregnancy and lockdown, which for my wardrobe meant sartorial suicide. I lived in sweat pants and hoodies, not just because they were one of the few things that fit, but because I, like the rest of the country, had nowhere to go.

But the magic 12th is finally here and I’m ready to dip my toes back into the world of fashion, perhaps even dip them into a heel if I’m feeling brave enough.

April is a cruel mistress who tricks us into thinking it’s all sunshine and strappy tops from here until September. Just as she bursts onto the scene with sunshine each year, her inevitable showers and gale force winds follow, and no more so than this year. As I write this ahead of Monday 12th April, the day that’s been burning a whole in my iCalendar’s for months, it’s forecast to, wait for it…snow. Only in Britain. 

But we’re Brits and we’ve got this. We roll in mud at festivals, announce T-shirt weather when it’s a mere 15 Celsius, do the races in heels and fascinators even in the pouring rain. We can sit in a pub garden in April no problem.

What I’ll be wearing to… the pub garden

Without sounding too much like my mother, it’s always best to take a layer (or three) for al fresco situations. Zara’s faux leather shorts might be a little optimistic for week one – my legs haven’t seen the light of day since 2019 – but can be easily swapped for a pair of full length versions. They’re waterproof too – perfect for all that sloshy cheer-sing to freedom.

On top, & Other Stories’s pretty ditsy print blouse softens the look, while Anine Bing’s jumper du jour is the perfect slouchy fit to cosy into once the sun goes down. I’ve already invested in New Balance’s latest 327 colourway and can confirm they are ridiculously comfy and give me an extra inch without a heel in sight. Finally, a big roomy tote is necessary for carting all those extra layers around in and Lily & Bean’s canvas bag has my name written all over it, well, my initials at least.

Zara's faux leather shorts might be a little optimistic for week one - my legs haven't seen the light of day since 2019.

What I’ll be wearing to… an outdoor restaurant

I know I’m not alone when I say I don’t know how to dress anymore. A year out of the office and months off the social scene have left me with little confidence in my wardrobe or how to piece it together. But one thing’s for sure, I am excited to get dressed up again.

I’ll ease my way into heels and opt for a loafer for now, but I’m all for a power blazer and a bit of lace up top. Blaze Milano offers the absolute dream of a jacket (the price tag is eye watering), but Zara, Mango and Stories have come up trumps yet again this season if you’re after something more affordable.

A coat slung over the shoulders is probably wise until May at least, but I’ll be taking full advantage of the outdoor setting and wearing sunnies throughout all my meals, attached to one of Talis’ cute glasses chains.

Modern RaritySilk Lace Cami Top

Price: £65

Anine BingElodie Coat

Price: €699

17th May – Picnics, Galleries and Staycations

But 17th May, we’ll be able to meet up to 30 people outside, visit an exhibition and even book in for a staycation. And although the nation might be sick to their back teeth of M&S’s 3 for 2 picnic offerings, come mid May, the weather might actually be decent enough to enjoy an outdoor gathering.

I’ve had my eye on Sea’s pastel hued patchwork jacket  – it seems fitting for yet another picnic, while I snapped up Mango’s relaxed denim jumpsuit weeks ago and have been itching to wear it.

Le Spec’s affordable sunnies, a French girl basket bag and a picnic blanket that’s actually chic (thank you, White Company) complete the look.

Sea's pastel hued patchwork jacket seems fitting for yet another picnic.

Mango Denim Jumpsuit, £59.99

21st June – Going Out Out

Disclaimer: it’s unlikely I’ll be hitting up a club come June 21st but I’m all for dressing like I might be, and to me that means a hefty dose of sequins, some rock ‘n’ roll leather and a smoky eye that looks like I’ve been up all night.

Saint Laurent’s Jodie platforms have “June 21st” written all over them and they’re definitely a bit of me. They are everything I love about fashion – utterly impractical and an absolute joy to wear, even if it is  just to my local or out for dinner. They are the ultimate celebration shoe and boy do we need one of those.

Lockdown is finally lifting and I think it’s time to fall in love with clothes again.

Saint Laurent’s Jodie platforms have “June 21st” written all over them.

Saint Laurent SS21
Saint LaurentJodie Platform Sandals

Price: £850

Eyeko Fat Liquid Eyeliner - Black Fat Liquid Eyeliner in Black

Price: £16

MangoPleated Volume Clutch

Price: £35.99

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