My Life In Beauty: Dr Maryam Zamani, Celebrity Facial Aesthetics Doctor, Reveals Her Beauty Kit Essentials

The Handbook
By Tamara Corin | 12th October 2022
Maryam Zamani

Leading facial aesthetics doctor and founder of MZ Skincare, Dr Maryam Zamani is one of London’s most in-demand skincare and aesthetics gurus and can be found on many an A-lister’s speed dial. What Maryam doesn’t know about skin isn’t worth knowing. With a core belief that beautiful skin starts with a consistent routine, her best-selling products are full of clean, potent, active ingredients that reveal, enhance, and protect the skin. Here, Maryam shares her earliest beauty memories, the lessons she’s learnt along the way and the products that she can’t live without…

My first beauty memory

I have loved skincare since before I remember. To this day I have a clear memory of the Lancôme tinted moisturiser my mother gave me as a teen. Skincare and skin love has been a part of my nightly self-care ritual ever since. Regardless of the product, I prepare myself for bed by taking a bath/shower, doing my nightly skincare routine, putting on pretty underwear and pyjamas and slipping under my cold duvet.

My go-to skin saviours

I like to keep skincare simple, and I always say the best routine you can have is the one you are consistent with and can maintain. In the mornings I wash my face with MZ Skin Cleanse & Clarify while I am in the shower. Afterwards, I layer MZ Skin Brighten & Perfect 10% Vitamin C Serum to combat oxidative damage and promote collagen production while decreasing the appearance of pigmentation, a condition I suffer from. I follow this with MZ Skin Soothe and Smooth to help build collagen in the delicate eye area while deeply hydrating the skin. My last step is MZ Skin Tint & Protect or MZ Skin Hydrate and Nourish to help maintain hydration on my skin while also protecting it with SPF. Then in the evenings it’s pretty similar – cleanse, then enhance with serums, follow with an eye cream and then finally my new MZ Skin Rich Moisturiser, which is packed full of powerful actives. I always make time once or twice a week to enhance this with a relaxing ritual that can include ampoules, masks, and my LED mask.

My makeup bag essentials

I’ve always been an advocate for less is more, so don’t often wear much make up. However, my go to favourite brand is either Tom Ford or NARS. I wear both the Tom Ford Soleil Glow Bronzer and NARS Orgasm blush religiously! I also love a nude lip, and either Chanel or Charlotte Tilbury eyeliner. I’ve never really worn foundations but rather use my MZ Skin Tint & Protect, which is a tinted moisturiser with SPF 30. If I need a little something extra under the eyes I may use a little Chanel Les Beiges, Eau De Teint, which is a water fresh tint – it’s really sheer and subtle. I adore a natural pout, so I always wear my lip perfector. And finally, Chanel mascaras give me fluttery lashes every time.

My repeat beauty buys

SPF is a crucial ingredient in my skincare routine to help prevent premature ageing and pigmentation. I advise all my patients to wear it, especially if they are using active ingredients such as retinols or alpha hydroxy acids. Retinoids and antioxidants are also on repeat all year round.

My wellbeing rituals

Exercise! I always make sure I have time every evening to get my workout in. Two to three times weekly I see my trainer David to help train with light weights. I hate weight bearing training but know how important it is to maintain strength and bone density. Twice weekly I have one on one reformer Pilates classes to help re-align my posture and lengthen my body, and pretty much every evening I spend 45 minutes on the elliptical at KX gym to get my cardio in. When I travel, I like to incorporate hikes and walks into the mix and find a local trainer or gym as well.

My go-to treatments

I find acupuncture and acupressure deeply relaxing. I also love Laser Genesis facials to brighten and freshen my skin.

What helps me switch off

An Epsom salt bath infused with lavender oil to help relax and unwind after a busy day helps me unplug after a short workout. Sometimes my husband and I watch a tv series but mostly I read to switch off and then it’s bedtime. I always place my phone in another room as I easily wake with the buzz of new messages.

My relaxation staples

I like a little home ritual every week to help me relax while pampering the skin. I love an exfoliating mask like MZ Skin Radiance & Renewal followed by a facial mask like MZ Skin Hydra-Bright Gold Face Mask. I enjoy facial massages as they can improve circulation, lymphatic drainage and lighten your mood so it’s always nice to incorporate when you are applying topical creams. Most recently, I just launched our new LightMAX Supercharged LED 2.0, so I try to use this at least three times a week – it’s surprisingly relaxing.

My signature scents

It has always been Dolce and Gabbana Red, but sadly it’s been discontinued. However I think I have found my new scent in Byredo’s Bibliotheque.

My favourite beauty shopping haunts

I love exploring French pharmacies – I’m intrigued to see what the French are doing. Plus, there’s always some great new beauty finds to be found on the online shopping destinations Muse & Heroine and Violet Grey.

My beauty golden rules

Never workout with makeup on and never go to sleep without washing your face. Be gentle with your skin and let your skincare work for you.

The beauty advice I would give to my twenty-year old self…Always invest in sunscreen, and a beautiful big smile always makes you look and feel better!

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