Netflix shows often divide crowds. From Tiger King to Thirteen Reasons Why, the stories, real or not, are encompassed by the masses, scrutinised and stripped to the bone by critics, the media and, of course, the everyday viewer who binged it in one sitting. But one show that took Netflix’s trait and raised it up a notch was Emily in Paris. 

The show, which aired last October and received huge criticism, is set to return for a second season this winter and we can already tell that it’ll be filled with memorable fashion moments, love wars and French phrases that the lead protagonist, Emily, will try and fail to pronounce. 

With the first sneak peak trailer released, behind-the-scenes photos leaked and a release date set, it’s set to be another series that Netflix audiences will devour in an instant. Whatever side of the fence you sit on, here’s everything we can expect from Emily in Paris season 2. 

Let’s take it back to the beginning. What’s Emily in Paris about?

If you haven’t seen the series or know anything about it (honestly, where have you been?), let us explain… Emily in Paris follows a young American marketing executive, Emily (Lily Collins), who gets a job offer across the seas and in Paris. She of course jumps at the opportunity, uprooting her life to move to the city of love, lust and life. 

Her downfall? She can’t string a sentence together in French, so naturally she isn’t a hit with her new boss or colleagues. As she begins adapting to this new life-affirming journey, she meets a handful of people who become her close friends, including Mindy (Ashley Parks), Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) and his girlfriend, Camille (Camille Razat). 

Throughout the 10-part series, we see her navigate her new life, all of her ups, downs and falls along the way. The season finale of course ends in complication as she and Gabriel spend the night together following his break-up with girlfriend, Camille, who just so happens to be one of Emily’s closest friends in Paris. The series ends with a text that arrives on Emily’s phone from Camille asking to talk…

Why did it cause so much controversy?

Like all Netflix shows, this one divided its audiences.  Some were team Emily in Paris, infatuated by her comedic adventures and bubbly personality as she navigated this new city, a city that we’ve all grown up seeing in flashing lights on the big screen. Many loved the escapism it offered, a lighthearted show in which you could immerse yourself in the tribes and tribulations.

But others outrightly hated it. And in some respects, it was rightly so. Many were shocked by Netflix’s representation of France, notably Paris and the locals that lived there, saying it wasn’t a realistic representation of the city or its people. 

When it came to award-nomination season, fans and critics were also equally frustrated. As Emily in Paris began receiving nomination after nomination, but shows like Michaela Coel’s I May Destroy You didn’t, people started picking apart the representations, stereotypes and general white-ness of the show. 

And lastly, we can’t forget when comedian Abby Govindan managed to convince fans AND media outlets that she was the real creator of Netflix’s heavily mocked series. Reputable publications began publishing articles around the Twitter threads Govindan was posting. It was really hilarious, read more here.

Ok, so back to the new season… What can we expect from season 2?

Looking ahead, the new season of Emily in Paris is set to be as dramatic, stylish and hilarious as the first. Last November, when the series renewal was announced, saw Netflix release an exciting email from the marketing company Emily works at, Savoir.

Love it or loathe it, we know you’re itching to tune back into Emily’s Parisian adventure.

Signed off by Sylvie, Emily’s boss, the email exclaimed the need to ‘remain in Paris for an extended period of time’. Having charmed some of the trickier clients, her value to the company was obviously enough to win over Sylvie’s approval, at least momentarily anyway. 

Despite the teaser trailer having been released, it doesn’t give too much away. What we can tell though is that Emily is on vacation and not letting any prior drama get in the way of her having a blast of a time. 

Several snaps have been released too from a shot of Emily, Cindy and Camille gazing up at something in the distance, looking seriously cool in their designer looks, to an intimate evening for Emily and newbie on the block, Lucien Laviscount, overlooking the Eiffel Tower. Will this be a new love interest? 

These photos and trailers have only given us a snippet of what to expect from the new series but love it or loathe it, we know you’re itching to tune back into Emily’s Parisian adventure.

When will it be released?

Emily in Paris season two will be making its way onto Netflix just in time for the Christmas holidays! Expect it to be landing onto your screens on Wednesday 22nd December. 

Is there a trailer?

You betcha! Catch the teaser trailer below ahead of its December release.

Emily in Paris season 2 returns Wednesday 22nd December on Netflix

Rewatch the series 1 here

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