Donald Trump’s right-hand Brit, the man who brought us Brexit chaos and the potential for owning slightly more fish than we did before has now gone from eeking out his lamentable post-‘Kipper career delivering personalised messages at £75 a pop on Cameo, to taking pot-shots at immigrants from a brand new bully pulpit on GB News. But one man’s trolling the hell out of Farage with a campaign that’s already raised over £34,000 for the RNLI, and it’s quite amusing.

Farage recently joined the beleaguered news channel after GB News managed to turn being lacklustre into an artform, suffering a deluge of bad press and shredding any expectation of both-sides balance in the weeks after its launch the other month.

And so the channel embraced Farage and, in return, the former UKIP leader brought his special brand of ‘immigrants cause traffic jams on the M4’ claptrap to channel two hundred and something (I forget the number, but if you’ve clicked that high up then you’re either looking for porn or GB News).

Farage has lately turned his ire back upon his favourite subject, immigrants. The new GB News star has claimed that RNLI lifeboats saving the lives of those making the perilous cross-channel, often including children and the vulnerable, are a “migrant taxi service”.

A brand new bully pulpit on GB News...

The controversial claims led the RNLI to respond  robustly, with Mark Dowie, the lifeboat provider’s Chief Executive saying “Imagine being out of sight of land, running out of fuel, coming across incredibly busy shipping lanes when you’re frightened and you don’t know which direction you’re going in. That is by anyone’s standards distress. Our role in this is incredible important: simply to respond to a need to save lives”

But it’s inspired an Essex man to respond in the one way we know from Boaty McBoatface experience that Brits can’t get enough of. By naming a boat.

Incensed at Farage’s callous claims, Simon Harris decided to set up a GoFundMe page with the ambitious aim of raising enough money to buy the RNLI a new hovercraft, and then naming it the Flying Farage. In effect ensuring that immigrant craft in distress will be rescued by Mr Brexit himself.

Buy the RNLI a new hovercraft, and then naming it the Flying Farage...

The crowd funder has so far raised over £40,000, promoted through Harris’s popular Man Behaving Dadly Facebook blog.

The campaign needs to hit £100,000 to achieve its aim, but even if it doesn’t all the funds will go to the lifeboat service.

It’s unclear if the RNLI will agree to name a craft after the politician, though Harris is clearly not counting on it given the GoFundMe page includes the legal note that the name is entirely at the RNLI’s discretion.

It's unclear if the RNLI will agree to name a craft after the politician...

But as the whole campaign is likely to get up Mr Farage’s nose, and because it’s for an important cause, we’re happy to wish it all the best.

Donate toward the Flying Farage here…

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