Not Discovered Elephant & Castle Yet? Here’s Why You Should…

13th October 2021

Zone One living, it’s the London gold standard. A world where you can walk into the office, where the capital’s myriad restaurants and nightspots are within staggering distance and where yours is the sofa everyone wants to come and stay on. What if I told you it was possible? Well it is, but there’s a catch…

You’ll never want to walk more than 300 yards from your front door!

Elephant Park is a brand new neighbourhood, part of the rapid up-and-coming area of Elephant and Castle. Formed of two new communities from Living by Lendlease, Park Central East and Park Central West, along with a slew of retail and restaurant options as South London’s newest foodie hub.

The aim of Park Central East and Park Central West is to completely redefine the way Londoners rent. And the location, within striking distance of central London and the city but also with leafy South London on your doorstep, makes it the perfect spot to call home.

Food & Drink Destination

Elephant Park really is a hub for food and drink lovers with some exciting new openings across the brand new neighbourhood, with still more to come.

You can travel the world within a few hundred feet of your door!

The international flavour of London, not to mention Elephant and Castle’s heritage, is reflected in the restaurants chosen to populate Elephant Park and its surrounds.

The restaurant offerings include Beza, which serves 100% vegan Ethiopian dishes, each full of freshness and flavour, or Bayroot – a Lebanese concept with its Middle Eastern meats, grilled over traditional wood charcoal.

Full of freshness and flavour...

There’s also Italian street food specialist SUGO along with pizza restaurant 400 Rabbits, while HEJ Coffee brings its Swedish values to warmer climes.

If you’re a fan of Caribbean cuisine then Tasty Jerk is unmissable, an Elephant & Castle mainstay now located in Elephant Park. Jumping to Central America Miko’s marks a return to these parts with its affordable soups, rice and seafood dishes.

KOI Ramen brings Japanese food to Elephant Park, with its signature tonkotsu, creamy pork broth, simmered for 16 hours and served over noodles, being a particular favourite. Remaining in the Far East, Pot & Rice do a brilliant line in Chinese Claypot rice while anything else can be purchased at Oriental food shop Kiki & Miumiu Market.

Stunning Surroundings

And beyond the wealth of places to visit, there’s also things to do. Like enjoy the surroundings. The place looks simply fabulous. Elephant Springs is a spectacular water playground carved from natural stone launched just the other month, and many of the apartments have private balconies that overlook this!

The extraordinary feature, set within luscious grounds, includes waterfalls, slides and sandy bays with ambient lighting as well as rocky mounds you can climb.

Elephant Springs is a spectacular water playground...

Eventually, the neighbourhood will be home to 11 acres of new and improved green space and public areas, including secluded podium gardens for the residents at Park Central East and Park Central West. They’ve retained 120 mature trees which were already on the site and have planted a whopping 1,300 new trees.


What’s more, residents at Elephant Park will experience the benefits of Park Central East and Park Central West being eco-friendly without even having to think about it.

From the get-go you're signed up to green energy suppliers...

From the get-go you’re signed up to green energy suppliers and you’ve access to produce from Crate to Plate to ensure the freshest (and sustainable-est) veg in town thanks to their on-site urban farm.

Don’t Just Visit – Move In!

The philosophy behind Park Central East and Park Central West is that you rent it as though you actually own it. Don’t like the colour? You can paint it! Don’t like the new colour? You can paint it again! Your credit limit and a paint colour chart are the only limiting factors.

You rent it as though you actually own it...

And wherever you sit on the Clarkson/Thunberg scale you’ll be impressed with the sustainability features, with net zero-carbon heating and hot water from the Elephant Park Energy Hub.

As well as feeling like you’re finally master of your own rental destiny, living here comes with a concierge, 24-hour gym, residents lounges and games rooms. Missing green space? Fear not, there’s plenty! As well as the brand new 2.5 acre Elephant Park, each apartment comes with its own outdoor space, with balconies and terraces as standard (if you’re getting lockdown anxiety flashbacks, this would’ve been a dream!), but in addition there’s landscaped private gardens for residents.

Oh and pets. If your current landlord’s just clocked the chiawaua living under the stairs then Park Central East and Park Central West will welcome your animals with open, treat-filled arms.

There have never been more reasons to visit Elephant and Castle!

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