Boris Johnson yesterday dropped the biggest hint yet that we might need to show proof of vaccination before landlords will pull us a pint.

When asked by MPs yesterday the PM, who has previously shied away from such suggestions, revealed that it might be up to pub landlords to decide if they ask for ‘papers for pints’.

Boris citied surgeons, who must demonstrate that they’ve been jabbed against Hepatitis B before they’re allowed to operate.

Making the sizeable jump to pub goers, he told MPs “The concept of vaccine certification should not be totally alien to us”.

By this stage of lockdown you'd probably take your chances with Donald Trump's bleach if it meant you could go to the pub!

Which suggests that they’re on the way.

It’s likely that vaccine up-take will decline as younger, less vulnerable, people are given access. Requirements for vaccines to enter pubs and restaurants could be an added incentive to this group. After all, by this stage of lockdown you’d probably take your chances with Donald Trump’s bleach if it meant you could go to the pub!

The proposals are expected to be finalised next month when Michael Gove reports back with a review of how unlockdowning might play out. Government sources have confirmed that letting pubs, bars and restaurants to set their own rules is within its scope.

The prospect has gone down badly with some of Boris’s own MPs, already restless about the continued lockdown, and sceptic Steve Baker described the plans as a “ghastly trap”, saying “First they said we’ll need them to watch the football, and today that it may be papers for the pub”.

Either way, if it sees us back us back in the pub, and safe, perhaps it’s not such a bad thing?

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