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The Handbook

“Carson, fetch me my jodhpurs and riding whip, I’m off to speak to accounts’… The dreaded Zoom call just got a little bit more interesting. If your colleagues are sick of seeing your greying underwear dangling off the clothes horse behind your makeshift kitchen desk then they’re in for a treat…

Cleverly timed just for the end of the second lockdown, the very moment most of us are hoping to never ever ever use Zoom ever again, the National Trust have swooped in with an innovation that we are really wishing existed, like, six months ago. Zoom backgrounds of their stateliest stately homes.

Culture vulture Zoomers can head to the National Trust’s website and download the new virtual backgrounds which include the library at Wimpole Hall or at Cumbria’s Townend, the writing room at Sissinghust Castle in Kent (old master jauntily suspended over the fireplace, like y’do).

If you’re trying to convey grandeur on your Zoom why not flash that potential client you’re pitching to a background of Norfolk’s Blickling Hall in all its Tudor glory?

Or perhaps you want to show your boss what an industrious worker you really are (when you’re not downloading Zoom backgrounds or reading The Handbook, that is), why not punch into your shift from the Office of the Caretaker of the Electric Light? The room, at Cragside in Northumberland, is where the power for the very first house lit by electricity was operated.

Trying to convey grandeur on your Zoom? Why not flash that potential client you're pitching to a background of Norfolk's Blickling Hall?

According to Katie Knowles, the National Trust’s Assistant Curator “With many still working from home, we wanted to help people bring a touch of history and beauty to their virtual meetings and catch ups…

All great fun, unless of course you already live in a mansion...

When the lockdown in England ends we’ll be reopening as many houses as we can – in the meantime we hope the new backgrounds will help people to remember the places they love and to share them with colleagues and friends”.

All great fun, unless of course you already live in a mansion. In which case you’re probably looking for an appropriate background to make it look like you live in a basement flat in Crystal Palace. And I’m not sure anyone can help with that..

Download your own National Trust background here…

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