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The Handbook

Cancel your lunch plans and forgo your coffee – even if you’re reading this whilst drinking it, bin it and head to The Black Penny on Great Queen Street because today all coffees cost a mere 1p and for 2p you can have lunch too. Look at it another way, how much was your usual coffee £2.95? So at The Black Penny you could have bought a hefty 295 cups of coffee for the same price (that is enough to satisfy any caffeine addict and probably hospitalise you).

If you haven’t heard then The Black Penny is a new coffee house opening in Covent Garden and it’s emulating the first coffee houses back in 17th century which were a den of drinking, dining and debate. As such they’ll have a seminar pit downstairs which will host spoken word poets, lectures and events all designed to encourage conversation and debate, whilst upstairs they’ll have a noticeboard where you can add details of other events or other facts and thoughts you might have.

Breakfast will see a mix of dishes being served from Bircher Muesli and pastries to crispy duck hash with poached duck eggs, sweet potato and baby spinach and slow braised Black Penny beans on sour dough with goat’s curd and chives. At lunch you can feast on Ox tail, ale and kale pie or seasonal salads such as chargrilled cauliflower and roasted aubergine.

Coffee comes from leading coffee roasters Alchemy, so you can already guarantee it’s going to beat Starbucks, but if you aren’t into coffee (questionable if you’re in a coffee house) or want to get the debate going then you can also Bloody Marys, wine and prosecco.

And the reason behind it being a 1p today for a cup of coffee? Because in the 17th century it cost 1p for admission, a cup of coffee and a chance to engage in the talk of the day, earning them the nick name of penny universities.

N.B. 12th May all coffee will be 1p and all lunches will be just a penny too. From the 13th – 17th May they will be offering 50% off for the soft launch. 

The Black Penny: Opens 12th May, 34 Great Queen Street,  WC2B 5AA,

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