Duuuude! Get the full California experience without buying medical marijuana, waxing your surfboard or even having to leave London. Just head to Pocho at Street Feast’s Giant Robot and Dinerama.

The guys who brought us Breddos Tacos have come up with another hit, the California inspired Pocho. Experience the tastes and spirit of LA in Canary Wharf with Pocho’s line-up of tacos, sliders and tostadas.

Expect four tacos, beef brisket Barcacoa, Californian fried chicken, confit pork belly and smoked caulifower. There’s also the tostada, with spicy hamachi ceviche with daikon coleslaw, avocado and peanut or beetroot poké with miso, meyer lemon, queso fresco, mint and pecans.

And don’t forget the sliders, tuck into a jalapeño cheeseburger with aged-beef patty, butter-braised jalapeños, American cheese, blue cheese, lettuce and Pocho sauce, or for the non-meat-eaters, try the veggie burger – a panko-crusted potato cake, cheddar, chipotle, lettuce and Pocho sauce.

They’ll be serving all this with sides of Pocho fries or corn chips, each served with meat and sauces, and all washed down with ice-cold Pacifico beer.

If you needed another reason to visit Dinerama or Giant Robot (and you don’t), then here is a great one.

Pocho: Newly open at Giant Robot and opens at Dinerama next week, Giant Robot, Garden Level, Crossrail Place, Canary Wharf, E14 5AR, www.streetfeast.com

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