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The Handbook

What do the Aztecs have to do with a new restaurant opening in Crystal Palace? Well 3 things; beer, pizza and rabbits. Confused? Let us explain.

Opening this month, is 400 Rabbits a restaurant serving up beer and pizza and from the same team behind the much loved The Lido Café. Now back in the day when the Aztecs were  around (so a long way back in the day) they use to worship the God of Fermentation and the Goddess of Alcohol – our thoughts exactly pretty cool huh? Anyway the God and Goddess got together and the product of this partnership was…400 rabbits. But why would the restaurant be called 400 Rabbits, because without alcohol and fermentation there would be no beer and pizza. Simple really.

The restaurant will be serving up sourdough  pizzas with artisan toppings, including fior de latter mozzarella, San Marzano tomatoes, slow smoked beef brisket and British  charcuterie. Four rotating beers will be on tap and a further six will also be available in both bottles and cans. Of course if you don’t want beer there will also be red, white and sparkling wine on tap. Also stop the press. Stopped? Good because they are serving up London’s cheapest Negroni, yes the cheapest, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t going to be good though because it’s aged in an oak barrel, don’t you know?

If alcohol isn’t for you then you can worship at the altar of caffeine or juice as they’ll be serving coffee from Allpress and cold-pressed juices from Peckham. To finish there’ll be gelato from Soho favourite, Gelupo.

400 Rabbits: Now open, 30-32 Westow Street , SE19 3AH,