You know how if you have something free-range, organic or gluten free it’s basically healthy, regardless of whether it is fried, dunked in sugar or full of alcohol?* Well it might not be the next superfood, but fried chicken restaurant BIRD is opening in Islington next week, and it’s free-range and gluten free so you can pretty much eat it every day.**

Following on from the success of their Shoreditch branch on Kingsland Road, the Islington branch will occupy a corner pub on Holloway road.  They’ll be serving up their signature fried-chicken burgers as well as some new additions to the menu including The Gee Gee -a Korean inspired burger made with crispy fried chicken, sweet and spicy gochujang glaze and house-made kimchi slaw  and The Nashville Hot, fried chicken coated with extra hot cayenne glaze, melted American cheese, house kewpie mayo and pickles.  Sides will include the original waffle burger and jalapeno corn pudding.

The Doughnut Hatch will also be making an appearance serving up fresh glazed doughnuts, with toppings including peanut butter glaze and Oreo crunch. You’ll be able to pick them up to takeaway with coffee – which costs, wait for it, wait for it £1! Or you can enjoy them as a doughnut ice cream sandwich, because why just have doughnuts or ice cream when you can have both and make something that pudding dreams are made of?  

They’ve joined up with Camden Town Brewery to give you guys draft beers, but they’ll also be craft cans and bottles or if cocktails are the order of the day they’ll be the classic Dirtybird or Passionfruit margaritas and new cocktails including the Watermelon Soju.

If one new BIRD wasn’t enough then in November they’ll be another restaurant in Camden.

*This may or may not be technically true
** Well maybe not every day.

BIRD Islington: Opens 8th October, 81 Holloway Road N7


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