Boxcar’s Back with a Bakery in Marylebone

By Lottie Hulme |
23rd July 2018

Boxcar is like that friendly neighbour that takes your parcels when you’re out and invites you round for a cuppa. Reliable, part of the neighbourhood and not going anywhere fast. That’s why we’re so glad Boxcar Butcher and Grill was a success, because it means we now get to experience the goods of their new baker and deli opening in Marylebone.

Tomorrow, Boxcar’s Baker Store and Deli will throw its doors open to reveal goodies galore. Again, playing to that cosy neighbourhood vibe there will be homemade goods that you’ll not only know, but love (we’re sure). As well as Swedish-inspired pastries and locally-sourced groceries. An insta-scroll doesn’t reveal too much, just attractive signage in Boxcar’s synonymous typeface and some fresh-looking oranges and pastries in a pastel bowl. So, we suggest going down there if you’re wanting a bit more of an insider’s scoop. Inside the local store section will be an array of British provisions from retailers across the country. So, if a dinner party is on the cards and you want to wow the un-wowable, Boxcar is the place to pick up some seasonal fruit and veggies or a cheeky bottle of vino.

Every morning, the bakery will produce some fresh baked goods from Swedish-inspired cakes to homemade pies and sausage rolls, so apologies in advance if you walk past and get wooed by the waft.

Boxcar Baker, Store and Deli Opens on 24th July at 7A Wyndham Place, W1H 1PN,

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