Bubblewrap Opens: The Next Instagram Sensation

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Emily Gray by | Posted on 9th February 2017
Bubblewrap Opens: The Next Instagram Sensation

It’s taken three rejected site offers, three sits falling through, two years of trading on weekend markets across London and catering for three festivals but next month Tony Fang will see Bubblewrap, the egg waffle company, finally moving into its first permanent home.

Back in the 1950s egg waffles became a thing in Hong Kong as a way to use up broken eggs that couldn’t be sold – the name refers to the fact that it looks obviously like bubble wrap. They then get coated in all manner of toppings. We’re talking Matcha gelato, strawberry cheesecake gelato, fruit such as peach, raspberries and avocado, peanut butter sauce, chocolate, condensed milk, sea salt, fudge and nuts. Expect them to be indulgent.

To accompany will be classic drinks from Hong Kong such as Silky Milk Tea. Lemon Chill and ice tea. There’ll be a handful of seats but will predominantly be takeaway – they’re also going to be open until 11:30pm so you can satisfy your late night sweet cravings.

You’ll know when it opens because your Instagram feed is going to be filled with them.

Bubblewrap: Opens March 2017, 24 Wardour Street, Soho, WID 6QJ, www.bubblewrapwaffle.com

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