Bun House Opens: Steamed Buns in Soho

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Emily Gray by | Posted on 15th March 2017
Bun House Opens: Steamed Buns in Soho

Steamed buns, they’re little fluffy clouds of joy really aren’t they? Light, carby and stuffed with something delicious. Or we like to think so anyway, so we’re pretty excited that there is a new Chinese steamed bun street café coming to Soho and we predict, it’s going to be rather popular.

Bun House, will take inspiration from the Hong Kong tea houses of the 1960’s and the country’s open street stalls knowns as dai pai dong. It’s a joint venture from husband and wife team Alex Peffly and Z He and it’ll combine Z’s upbringing in southern China with their shared love of the country’s cuisine. Working with Z’s design company, Five Live Projects, the interior will fuse British colonial elements with traditional Chinese essence whilst still being distinctively Soho.

Joining Taiwanese open baos will be the Canton-style bao which are served closed with the filling inside. Fillings include sticky barbeque pork belly, lamb, chicken, fish and vegetarian. Alongside the buns will be house-made Chinese pickles, their take on a prickly cucumber salad and ‘House Fries’ we’re using inverted commas because they aren’t made from potato, oh no, they’re made from deep-fried marinated duck tongues, which are a street food staple in China… maybe just don’t think about what they are when you eat them if you’re squeamish. To finish will be a Red Choc Bun made from dark chocolate, pig’s blood and chilli or go for the custard bun made using salted duck egg, coconut milk and carrot juice.

If it’s drinks you’re after then head to the Tea Room, a Chinese speakeasy, hidden below Bun House. Contrasting with the light, open café above it’ll be dark, with dim lighting, deep red velvets and neon fixtures. Open until 3am it’ll serve cocktails and craft beer from independent Hong Kong breweries.

Get in line now…

Bun House & Tea Room: Opens 27th March, 23-24 Greek Street, Soho, W1D 4DZ, www.bun.house

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