Camillo Benso Proves Milan Isn’t All About Fashion

By Lottie Hulme |
4th July 2018

There’s a new kid on the Mayfair block, and we’re intrigued. Milan: best known as a fast-paced metropolis that champions a frilled frock, bold boot, and over-all some very coveted fashion. However, the food is also worth a sample and this is something restaurant Camillo Benso sure does recognise as it brings Milan’s dining style to Mayfair.

Everything’s that bit more exciting with a bit of sibling rivalry thrown in though, which is why we’re interested to see how this new Milanese hot-spot will compare to big sister in Milan. If you haven’t tried Amaro yet, Camillo Benso will give you the perfect opportunity to do so. The Italian herbal liqueur will be just one of the drinks found amongst a conglomerate of cocktails. So, avoid that often overbearing dessert wine sweetness and opt for an Amaro. At the helm of the Milanese menu are a team of Italian chefs, including Luigi Esposito who has picked up a tip and trick or two from Michelin-starred Antonino Cannavacciuolo.

Dishes will fall in to categories Primi and Secondi, with dishes like spaghetti alla nerano made with fried courgettes on offer, alongside other dishes made with fresh pasta and durum wheat. If you’re all about that round bready goodness most commonly cut in half in the fridge after a night out, there will be pizza on offer too, don’t worry. In fact, a special nod must go to Camillo Benso’s pizza and bread menu that will feature ingredients that will arrive daily from the Campania region. If only our fashion purchases from Milan arrived that fast. This new venture marks the group’s first overseas opening, and we hope it’s one of many. Godere!

Camillo Benso opens 1st of August at 8-10 Blenheim Street, Mayfair, W1S 1LJ


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