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The Handbook

Exclusive Caprice Holdings the group encompassing among others, Caprice, Daphne’s, The Ivy and The Birley Group which is owned by Richard Caring is planning a large expansion to the Middle East and North Africa in partnership with Tatweer.

The Dubai based group is controlled by Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the current ruler of the Emirate and Vice President of the United Arab Emirates.

The Caring/Tatweer partnership is planning to open 30 restaurants across the Middle East and North Africa with Istanbul and Marrakesh already having been chosen as possible locations. The expansion will include Daphne’s, Caprice and Rivington but the groups Premium venues will only be expanded on a limited basis.

Aware that all eyes will be focused on the Crown Jewels of his group, the aristocratic London nightclub Annabel’s and celebrity restaurant The Ivy, Caring has decided that those brands will be limited to one or two new sites.

Richard Caring purchased Caprice Holdings, The Birley Group, Soho House and a raft of other establishments for over £500 Million in 2007. There have been persistent rumours and speculation over how he would be able to best monetise on his investments, with vitriolic comment in the press culminating in society magazine Tatler caricaturing Caring as James Bond villain ‘Blofeld’. The decision about the small scale expansion of his Premium venues should be received as welcome news by those quarters.