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It’s officially the hottest day of the year, so here’s some legit medical advice: head straight to your GP and request they prescribe you a pina colada and roof terrace. And if you’re wondering where to take your prescription, look no further: Jin Bo Law Skybar has literally just opened.

The bar, fresh off the plane from Hong Kong, is located on the 14th floor of the new Dorsett City hotel in The City, meaning that it’s got knock-out views across some of London’s most iconic buildings, not to mention views stretching for miles. As you sit on the roof terrace, look out at the Walkie-Talkie, Gherkin and Shard choose from the bar’s extensive range of Asian-inspired cocktails which seek to balance sweet, savoury and sour flavours.

For instance, the Japanese spirit Shochu has been delicately blended with pickled ginger and Japanese raspberry to create a ‘Pickled Tink’. Another creation is the ‘Spice to Meet You’ bringing Chinese flavours to the table and combining gin and quince with five spice and Acacia honey. Similarly, ‘Nikka-Bocker Glory’ is a Vietnamese coffee, sweetened with condensed milk and Japanese whisky and served as a milkshake.

While most of your attention will be taken up with the view, take a moment to enjoy the view inside as well! The dark marble floors contrasting with the golden latticing which creates a giant pineapple, wrapped around the bar and ceiling. The innovation and opulence make Jin Bo Law Skybar a real contender for one of the year’s most interesting openings to-date.

Jin Bo Law Skybar: Open from 11am to 1am every day, 14th Floor, Dorsett City London, 9 Aldgate High Street, The City, EC3N 1AH,