The Cinnamon Collection is made up of The Cinnamon Club, Cinnamon Kitchen, Cinnamon Soho and now Cinnamon Bazaar.

As younger siblings often are, Cinnamon Bazaar will be more relaxed and playful than its sister restaurants and will have a bigger bar, it’ll also be more accessible as you can expect to spend on average, £20.

Designed by LSM Design, the restaurant is split across two floors with a private dining room for up to 30 diners. The ground floor will be home to the feature bar where you’ll find gin and botanical focused cocktails as well as non-alcoholic options such as lassis. Bringing together the bustle of Indian bazaars and London’s urban setting, the main dining room will use bold colours, hand painted graphics, printed tiles, illuminated hanging lanterns, natural materials inspired by Indian and vibrant colourful hand painted graphics.

Breakfast will see traditional parathas (flatbreads) served, at lunch small plates of Kolkata spiced cod and Indo-Chinese stir-fried chicken with chillies will be on the menu and in the evening, you’ll find bigger plates. These include the likes of chargrilled Chettinad lamb, Kerala boatman-style smoked haddock curry as well as their take on afternoon tea – High Chai.

Opening first in Covent Garden, there are plans to roll out both Cinnamon Bazaar and Cinnamon Kitchen out across London and the South East.

Cinnamon Bazaar: Opens 1st December 2016, 28 Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, WC2N 7JS,

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