Clockjack Oven

22nd January 2013

Just launched in Denman Street this month  Clockjack Oven  is bringing free range rotisserie cooked chicken to the streets of Soho. The new venue is serving up a storm with its herb marinated chicken served with Clockjack Oven’s very own special sauces. 

Taking its name from the Tudor cooking mechanism which proved its inspiration, Clockjack Oven’s chicken is roasted over a naked flame, where the intense heat preserves and intensifies the flavours in the skin whilst the rotation of the spit ensures the flesh is gently cooked so it’s succulent and tender.

The venue’s founders, Jerry Goldberg and Fraser Duncan have meticulously researched cooking methods and sourced a rotisserie oven that is the first of its kind in the UK.  The pair met whilst working at Unilever and went on to work for Centre Parcs and Terra Firma private equity firm respectively. However, a chance visit to a rotisserie chicken restaurant in Spain, inspired them to join forces and recreate it in London.

The chicken is served in varying portion sizes and can be accompanied by Clockjack sauces including creamy ranch, tangy barbecue and hot chili sauce.  Marinated crispy chicken bites, Sage & onion balls, fries and a selection of salads are available on the side. The more substantial Clockjack Torpedo – pieces of chicken leg meat marinated in buttermilk and served in a buttermilk bun with lettuce and ranch sauce – is a must-try as well.

Designed by Design LSM, the interior is has a casual feel and is based on natural materials such as oak, brick and metals.  A counter for dining runs alongside the rotisserie oven allowing diners to watch their meal’s star turn.   

Clockjack Oven

14 Denman Street, W1


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