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The Handbook

To combat the collapse of the pound private member’s clubs are looking overseas to secure membership in 2009.

Following the influx of Europeans travelling to the UK taking advantage of the strength of the Euro against the pound it appears that private member’s clubs are expanding their membership offers in order to keep themselves afloat.

One Alfred Place is one private member’s club leading the way: ‘Since the market point has weakened, we’ve had a steady increase in overseas enquiries and we expect this to grow throughout 2009,’ says owner Rob Shreeve. The club provides a discrete and luxurious location for members to conduct business or relax between meetings throughout the day. The club also boasts a restaurant and bar complete with a wireless network and even rooms for members to take afternoon naps.

With official National Statistic figures showing that London already has over 7 million overseas visitors a year and the Eurostar reporting a 15 per cent rise in the number of people travelling to London since last month it seems likely that savvy London membership clubs will sufficiently increase their sales from this move.

Bethan Seaton, General Manager at Clarge’s Street’s Fox Club says, ‘Of course with the rate of the pound to the euro at the moment we are definitely looking to boost our European membership.’ She continues: ‘Overseas membership is something we have only introduced this year so it is still quite new for us. We offer a discount which includes unlimited use on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and five nights throughout the year Monday to Thursday.’

by Victoria-Anne Bull