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Racketeer Opens In King’s Cross

By Phil Clarke | 18th October 2017

The Saffron Hill mob were an infamous pickpocket gang who terrorised East London. Their tactic of choice was to create a commotion, or a racket, to distract would-be victims, then rob them blind. Hence the word: racketeer. Thankfully the newly opened Victorian cocktail bar The Racketeer, named in reference to the group, gives far more than it takes and we can’t wait to head down to check it out.

The Clerkenwell boozer of a pub has been painstakingly restored to its Victorian glory, with original tiling on the floors and walls throughout and an elegant and historical bar has emerged.

The decor is only part of the storty. Founded by industry stallwarts Tyvian Vigrass, Marco Torre and Jack Foxcroft, The Racketeer is in safe hands. Torre and Vigrass met at the AKA bar back in the 90s and have worked togerher for over a decade, winning plaudits and accoalates for bars along th eway. Along with Foxcroft, who they picked up via Village Underground they all bring expertise to the table, and the bar.

And it’s a bar from behind which classic upon classic will be served. The focus of the menu is classics with a twist, including Penicillin In A Storm, a blend of Chivas Regal 12, Scotch, ginger syrup, lemon, Laphroaig and Porter Float, or why not try out a Jaffa Collins, consisting of Beefeater gin, lemon, orange bitters and San Pellegrino Pompelmo or get a Black Spice down you, enjoying the Rittenhouse 100 rye, PX sherry, dry Curacao and Fernet Branca and black pepper tincture.

If cocktails aren’t your thing then you could try a selection of beers and wines from behind the bar or from The Racketeer’s bottle shop which will have an unusual wine list dominated by small producers.

This Victorian gem of a bar opens this month and we can’t wait see what all the commmotion’s about (without fear of being pickpocketed while distracted!)

The Racketeer: Opens in October at 105 King’s Cross Road, King’s Cross, WC1X 9LR,