Prepare for Drama

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Emily Gray by | Posted on 2nd September 2015
Prepare for Drama

Between them they have Mahiki, Steam & Rye, Whisky Mist and Cirque Le Soir and now club connoisseurs Nick House, Ryan Bish and Tom Berg have joined forces to create Drama.

Emulating the party spirit of Studio 54, you’ll want to leave your inhibitions at the door when you head to Drama – no nerves or wall flowers here please. An explosion of colour, art, fashion and outrageous entertainment is coming together to create a world of pure hedonism, indulgence and escapism.

Scratch and sniff wallpaper will line the walls, neon trolleys and supermarket baskets will form part of the Champagne rituals and weird, electrifying performers will take to the DJ booths to entertain.  A rotation of art installations from some of the world’s most exciting artists will burst from the walls and erupt from the floor, whilst VIPs can escape the masses in the Wild Gold Room, sponsored by Ace of Clubs, it’s said to be a glittering, shimmering extravagance overload. Get us in there. 

Continuing the theme the staff will be dressed in high fashion fetish wear and PVC bow ties, flashing lightning bolts throughout the chaos on the dance floor. Of course not just anyone can go to Drama, the secret list of 500 founding members has been handpicked to include key mover and shakers, the criteria? They need to embody the colour and attitude of Drama in both personality and spirit, we’re talking self-expression, a vibrant outlook and of course one to party.

Expect the unexpected, expect obnoxious, expect wild nights. Expect Drama.

Drama: Opens 3rd September, 35 Hertford Street, W1J 7SD,

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