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Duck & Waffle Opens 2nd Restaurant

By Emily Gray | 23rd February 2017
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This is big news. Duck & Waffle are flying the nest and waddling on over to St James’s Market to launch Duck & Waffle Local.

London is big on fast chicken – we’ve even got a fast-casual restaurant for turkey but not one for duck which, quite frankly, is a shame because the stats say we’re a city of duck lovers. Since it opened, Duck & Waffle have sold almost half a million of their signature duck and waffle dishes.

That was until now, because Duck & Waffle Local is going to be much more casual. Firstly, it’s ground level – already quicker to get in – secondly, you order at the counter before being shown to a table or you if you’re in a rush you can pick up food to takeaway. It’s still going to be the same high quality that Duck & Waffle fans are used to, just a sped-up version.

Chef Director Dan Doherty has created a new duck-centric menu. So as well as the classic duck and waffles and the Full Elvis (a waffle topped with all manner of decadence including caramelised banana, berries and peanut butter), you’ll find a whole host of new dishes. There’s The Duck Burger with crispy duck leg and their take on the sweet meets savoury craving – the duck doughnut.

When it comes to drinks, Head of Spirit & Cocktail Development Rich Woods will be bringing the Tap & Tails menu, aka cocktails on tap. There’ll also be local brews including Holy Duck IPA and a succinct wine list, also on tap.

O1 Creative are bringing the farm to table dining concept to the restaurant, merging together polished concrete flooring, timber fittings, contemporary sculptures of farm machinery and bespoke glazed tiling.

We can’t ducking wait…for once not an autocorrect.

Duck & Waffle Local: Opens 3rd May 2017, 52 Haymarket, St. James’s Market, St James’s, SW1Y 4RP,

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