Enter The Matrix At The Blue Bar

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Phil Clarke by | Posted on 14th November 2017
Enter The Matrix At The Blue Bar

Anyone who’s been caught naked in Sainsbury’s freezer asile cluctching a fire extinguisher and a flamingo will tell it to you plain: context is everything. Never more so than at The Blue Bar at The Berkeley where their exclusive cocktail tasting experience harnessses cutting edge technology makes sure that you’re drinking in exactly the right drink in the right surroundings to get the most out of your cocktail. Context is everything.

Out Of The Blue gives up to four guests the chance to go on an ‘explorative journey of taste’ by stimulating the senses through exquisite ingredients, but also using bespoke tech to create just that right context for the drink. This, folks, is mixology-meets-The-Matrix.

So the theory goes that you will enjoy a rum swizzle on a sun-lounger by the pink sands of Bermuda watching the sun setting a damn sight more than you would under a strip light in a bedsit in East Sheen. Which figures. The Blue Bar takes this to its logical conclusion, by transporting you for their curated cocktails to a secret space within the heart of the hotel where “tailored technology, culinary science and mixology will meet to enhance the perception of flavour through sight, sound and scent”. If that sounds pretty far out, read on…

Projection experts Igloo have come onboard, along with sensory specialists Sensiks and together with The Berkley they’ve created something truly unique. Guests will enter a 360-degree projection studio and will experience cocktails as they’ve never experienced them before.

It’s a synesthetic immersion completely new to the London cocktail scene, and will take from the Blue Bar’s True Colours menu, a set menu of 4 cocktails created by the bar team, and turn it into an interactive sequence of drinks, with the combination interlocking to create a coherent flavour experience, using all the flavours at their command to guide the taste buds through a journey. Meanwhile, using the surroundings to strip away traditional cues to bring a focus on ingredients, allowing guests the chance to explore taste through a blank canvas and experience cocktails like never before.

Welcome to The Matrix, let’s get a drink.

The Blue Bar at The Berkeley: Out Of The Blue is available from Wednesday 15th November, The Berkeley Hotel, Wilton Place, Knightsbridge, SW1X 7R  www.the-berkeley.co.uk


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