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The Handbook

L.A, it has a lot that London doesn’t, mainly sun, sand, surfing and the fact that it is apparently illegal to lick a toad there… who knew? Still we have slices of Californian sunshine in London, the next being the new Bel-Air big sister to Bel-Air in Shoreditch.

Open from 7am, breakfast will be a veritable feast. We’re talking Egg Sidecars – that’s eggs either poached or scrambled with a choice of not one, not two but eight sides; Fat Stack breakfast bagels like the Oh-Boy made from Brick Lane Bagels, chopped egg, braised onions, coriander, chives and Sriracha yoghurt and classics such as pineapple house granola.

They’ve upped their caffeine game too with bottomless filter coffee from Ozone for those eating in and Sandows Nitro cold-brew on tap. Homemade juices include The RAD- made from watermelon, sea salt and lime; whilst Warrior Shakes are ideal post work out. With a big dose of Sun Warrior vegan protein, they come in flavours such as pistachio and Band Lassi, a traditional mango Lassi with a chilli kicker.

Lunch takes inspiration from everywhere, from Mexico to Little Ethiopia and K-Town to Little Tokyo. You’ll find charred pumpkin falafel with tangy kale, quinoa and boom chili sauce; Ozone Coffee and cacao beef braise; Pollo Chili Verde with coriander rice and blue corn tortillas and cinco de mayo, roasted sweet potato, black bean salad.

Bringing a bit of LA sunshine to the grey streets of London, you’ll spot Bel-Air by its yellow and white striped umbrellas outside. Inside you’ll find low-hanging copper lights, palm trees, geometric wireframe chairs, natural pine stools and banquettes upholstered in ocean blue linen.

L.A can keep Hollywood, we’ll just take the food.

Bel-Air New Fetter Lane: Now Open, 12 New Fetter Lane, Farringdon, EC 4A,


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