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The Handbook

Kill us now, it’s never going to get any better than this: chip shop fish and chips, curry sauce and cocktails.

Gilly’s Fry Bar arrives in Finsbury Park this week and it promises to be a fantastic, if unlikely, combo of chippy and highball cocktails with an Asian twist.

Modelled on restauranteur Neil Gill’s memories of Tyneside chip shops, the restaurant will feature classics like cod and scraps but fused with the delicate art of Japanese tempura cooking. Running with the Northern obsession with dousing chips with curry sauce Gill has devised a menu combining the traditional katsu curry with fried fish dishes. Expect to find the likes of deep fried soft shell crab and asparagus, raw scallops and tuna; breaded mackerel deep fried and served with pickles, seaweed and curry sauce and Domburi rice with toppings such as chicken tempura and breaded beef.

All this will be accompanied with a specially devised cocktail menu, complementing the menu with pairings like a rum and cognac, peach lime and Irn Bru. For the brave amongst you, go for the Salt + Vinegar – a shot of whisky with salt and pickle juice…we’re sure it’s going to taste better than it sounds.

We’re so excited it feels like we’ve died and gone to Sunderland.

Gilly’s Fry Bar: Open Now, September, 4A Clifton Terrace, Finsbury Park, N4 3JP,

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