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The Handbook

Finally, we can drink our favourite vodka cocktails with a conscience as clear as the spirit itself!

Fashionable East London botanical eaterie, SAF, is launching a brand new and exciting collaboration with supercool vodka brand, Grey Goose. Its Grey Goose Greenhouse Bar is the brainchild of Joe McCanta, SAF’s head bartender and top botanical cocktail mixologist.

The venture is the first ever UK based fully self-sustainable outdoor bar, serving cocktails made from ingredients grown on the bar itself – inspired by botanical Victorian greenhouses of days gone by which produced any number of herbs, spices, fruits, berries and flowers all year round.

Situated in the little outdoor courtyard that opens out of the back of the restaurant, customers stepping outside will find themselves transported back in time to a cocktail apothecary surrounded by fresh herbs and flowers.

The dispensing hatch itself is situated in a real live greenhouse stocked with citrus trees French Tarragon Shiso, Raspberries, Fresh Violets, English Lavender and Marigolds – constantly rotated to prevent over picking and to ensure ingredients remain as fresh as possible. Environmentally friendly to a tee, the bar is designed to have minimal impact on the environment and uses solar power, composting and energy efficient appliances.

Drinkers are encouraged to sit at the front of the bar so they can either see the ingredients picked fresh for their cocktail, or, actually do the picking for themselves.

To celebrate the launch, Joe McCanta has created a special Grey Goose Martini Botanique using a combination of freshly picked herbs, edible flowers, fresh berries, citrus and fruit. Everything in the cocktail will be grown on the bar and is guaranteed to be picked just moments before it reaches your lips.

Fans of executive chef, Chad Sarno’s ground-breaking food preparation techniques where most dishes are cooked below 48°C (preserving optimum nutrition and flavour) with be happy to know that much of the greenhouse’s produce will find its way onto the food menu too.

Grey Goose Greenhouse Bar launches on Friday 17th July

Grey Goose Martini Botanique recipe
50ml Grey Goose La Poire
3 fresh picked raspberries
1 fresh picked violet de-stemmed
6 fresh picked tarragon leaves
Juice of ¼ fresh picked lime
20ml simple syrup
½ fresh picked shiso leaf
25ml fresh bosc pear juice

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