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The Handbook

Not too long ago, we delved into the curious food scene in Greenwich. A place that, we discovered, lies a little under the radar when thoughts of food are conjured up. It’s home to the Cutty Sark, the mahoosive National Maritime Museum, and of course, the O2. But, in the way of restos, it’s pretty thin on the ground. Where it does lack in load, it makes up in quality however. Champagne + Fromage lives up to its namesake by providing customers with a selection of grower Champagne, tartines, cheeses, charcuterie and more, in a quintessentially French atmosphere. Then, there’s The Sail Loft, a nautical bolthole that champions jazz and provides views of the river.

Now, we’re told, there’s a new kid on the Greenwich block and about time too (geddit, time? Like, Greenwich mean time?). Anyway, it’s called Mama Fuego and it’s all about Oz, with a sixties feel and milk bar! Wondering what a milk bar is? Us too. And we need to set the record straight as for some reason it keeps conjuring up images of cows waggling their udders! Hmm…

Mama Fuego boats interiors as whacky as its name. We’re talking playful yet glamorous, with hints of old school glamour infused throughout. Pairing antipodean offerings with Latin American flavours, this architecturally exciting venue covers all food bases. Altogether, you’ll find six spaces which include the milk bar, the restaurant and the sunken lounge bar, each of which are as eccentric as they sound. OK, ‘the restaurant’ doesn’t sound all too eccentric, but hear us out…

The 70-seat all-day dining room ropes in all sorts of elaborate intricacies, like a stone fireplace and a hydroponic cress and edible flower farm. Cosy up on banquettes, or grab a lazy dinner with pals on the big ol’ tables. Before or after dinner, visit the sunken lounge. This 70s style recline room is big on Sean Connery in Bond vibes, with bespoke timber panelled screens, a fireplace and alcohol galore.

Moo-ving on. The milk bar is what has got London’s foodie scene conversing. The space will serve Australian style Speciality coffee, bringing coffee culture from the best of the best over to our ends. If you’ve ever been to Abuelo in Covent Garden, then you won’t be surprised that their the brains behind this new eclectic space. The Milk Bar pushes out beautiful floral cakes, soft serve ice cream with Tim Tams and Caramello Koalas, and many more udderly fantastic things.

Stuffed with information overload? Hang in there, because there’s still a bakery to explore, positioned on the second-floor mezzanine level. We’re talking cakes, bakes, and embellishments from the Hydroponic farm.

Whilst we could chat about Mama Fuego’s food enterprise forever, we think you should go down and try it for yourselves. When it opens in August that is.

Find Mama Fuego just outside the North Greenwich Pier, at Unit 5, 69-72 Olympian Way, SE10 0NE,