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The Handbook

Mark Hix and Damien Hirst have long been friends, with Hirst creating the Cock and Bull formaldehyde at Mark’s restaurant Tramshed and now Mark is returning to the favour by creating the menu at Pharmacy 2, Hirst’s new restaurant. A friendship of food and art, something we commend.

Opening in Vauxhall at the Newport Street Gallery, the restaurant will be serving up British and European breakfasts, brunches, lunches and Sunday roasts for the visitors to the exhibitions as well as suppers in the evening for diners. Using fresh ingredients, highlights are said to include shaved winter squash with treviso and Graceburn cheese; crispy squid with green chilli, garlic and almonds; soft white polenta with a Burford Brown egg yolk and shaved Wiltshire truffles and pineapple upside-down cake and poached Yorkshire rhubarb with saffron ice cream.

There’ll be 15 wines available by the glass as well as cocktails such as the famous Hix Fix (Morello cherry in Somerset apple eau de view topped with sparkling wine) and the Dorset Donkey (Black Cow vodka, cherry eau de vie, lime juice, cherries, sage leaves and ginger ale).

Whilst the gallery itself will showcase exhibitions of other artists’ work, Pharmacy 2 will be a space for Hirst’s own work. You might have seen the Christmas tree that he designed for The Connaught with the giant sized pills and medical instruments that adorned the boughs and that interest in science and pharmaceuticals will carry through to the restaurant, not only in the name but also in the design. There’ll be pieces from his iconic series the Medicine Cabinets and butterfly Kaleidoscope paintings. DNA strands will be etched into the windows and individually crafted pill designs will be embedded into the marble floor as well as embroidered onto the leather banquettes. It’s both colourful and clinical. 

Hirst and Hix, long may their friendship continue! 

Pharmacy 2: Opens 23rd February, Newport Street,  SE11 6AJ,