Hoppers Opens on Frith Street

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Emily Gray by | Posted on 22nd October 2015
Hoppers Opens on Frith Street

With Gymkhana and Trishna already under their belts, siblings, Karam, Jyotin and Sunaina Sethi are opening their third restaurant next week, Hoppers.

Taking inspiration from the roadside shacks of Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka, Hoppers’ menu will revolve around the hopper and dosa. For those who don’t know, the hopper is more widely known as Aappam/ஆப்பம், but us Brits mispronunciated it and ended up with hopper…good one.  They look like a thin, bowl shaped pancake and are made with fermented rice batter and coconut milk and will be served with a choice of meat, seafood or vegetable kari.

The dosas will be cooked on dosa tawas (flat griddles) which are made specially in India, if you’ve eaten at Gymkhana then you might be familiar with them, except these are twice the size. Like the hoppers they’ll come with meat, seafood or vegetable kari but you can also get them with different chutneys, including a fresh coconut chutney.  You’ll be able to choose from plain dosas or podi which are dosas flavoured with a  powder made from red chilli, urad dal, chana dal, sesame seeds, asafoetida and curry leaf.

Alongside the hoppers and dosas will be ‘rice and roast’ dishes such as buffalo shank biryani, hogget kothu roti or Tamil spit chicken. Bar snacks will include oxtail veechu roti, Rasa crab omelette and cashew and ash plantain fry and will showcase authentic Tamilian techniques and spicing. Of course they’ll be pudding too, with dishes including Watalapam – a steamed custard coconut milk, kithul jaggery and a falooda of Buffalo curd, salted cashew and candied ginger kulfi, rambutan, coconut water and pandan jelly.

Genever and arrack will be the order of the day when it comes to cocktails, because did you know that Sri Lanka is the largest producer of arrack made from fermented coconut sap (don’t tell us that we don’t teach you things)? You’ll find arrack in the likes of Toddy Tapper a drink made from Ceylon arrack, toasted coconut and bittered wine.  Genever is a botantical forefather of gin and it’ll be used in cocktails such as the Citizen Burgher, made from Genever, papaya, coconut water and white port.

If beer is more your thing then they have just the ticket, Sri Lanka’s favourite, Lion Lager, they’ll also be making Masala buttermilk, Dilmah Metre Tea and black pepper cream soda in house.

Sethis…you’re our sibling goals.

Hoppers: Opens 28th October,  49 Frith Street, W1D 4SG, www.hopperslondon.com

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