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For hotels, space is now the final frontier. And there was me thinking it was bidets. A company has launched the first space hotel and everyone’s going mad for it.

If you find checking into a hotel a bit of a faff, getting your key, ordering a wake up call and hearing how the minibar works, then you ain’t seen nothing. A hotel just launched where you have to do a three month course before even setting foot inside. Not a fan of elevators? This one’s 200 miles high. Welcome to Aurora Station.

The given launch date of 2021 seems overly ambitious, but so does everything else about the Aurora Space Station. The unique hotel will host just six guests for 12 days a pop in luxurious private suites. What’s more you’ll be able to experience some literally out-of-this-world views (think of the Insta-stories!) with a perfect viewing platform for the aurora borealis while orbiting earth once every 90 minutes means you’ll see the sun rise 16 times a day! Does it have a rooftop pool? Well no for obvious reasons, but you can dive into their in-space Holodeck. Or if you’re after something higher brow, why not participate in real space research or help growing the space station’s own food source?

The venture is based in the US (of course it is) and appears to be run by a team of relatively credible former NASA employees and hospitality experts. All trips will include at least one proper qualified astronaut and the longer term vision is to continually grow the hotel until there’s a whole complex in space. They’re even talking about space condos.

How do you book? Simples, pop $80,000 into an account at this Delaware-based business and pay the remaining $9.5m balance at a later date. Are you in? Just as long as Alien or Armageddon’s not playing on the in-flight movie.

Aurora Station: The station is set to launch in 2021. Apparently. Watch this space…(geddit?)