Ibérica La Terraza Opens for Summer

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Emily Gray by | Posted on 13th April 2016
Ibérica La Terraza Opens for Summer

It’s the classic scenario: the weekend was miserable and now, come the week when you’re stuck at your desk counting down the hours, the sun decides to shine. Great. Your mind wanders to holidays, to days spent in the sun with a cold cocktail in one hand or preferably both, but for now you’re stuck at your desk.

However, from the 15th April, if you work in the Canary Wharf (and even if you don’t) you’ll be able to head to Ibérica La Terraza as soon as you clock off as it is reopening for the summer. Bringing a slice of Madrid’s terrace culture to the financial district it’ll be your go-to place for dining al fresco, not al desko. Dishes such as huevo rotos will join the likes of fried eggs and chips with Iberico ham, garlic prawns and classic dishes like fried squid with lemon alioli Bocaillo. Salads will include avocado, smoked salmon and sun tomato and Ventresca de bonito (tuna belly) with rocket, black olives and pepper from Bierzo.

Drinks will include sangrias, cocktails and cava and wine served in Porrons. Picture, if you will, a large glass jug with a spout – a bit like a glass teapot without a handle, the aim is to pour the drink straight into your mouth with the Porron held as far away as possible. Messy? Most likely. Fun? Definitely.

Ibérica La Terraza: Opens 15th April, Cabot Square, E14 4QQ, www.ibericarestaurants.com


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