The Handbook
The Handbook

Today sees the launch of the Icetank Kitchen in Covent Garden.  Before you ask no it’s not an actual ice tank,  ice and ovens don’t go particularly well together, it would be melting all over the place which is less than ideal. Rather, it is the latest offering from the blank canvas studio Icetank in Covent Garden.

The Kitchen which has kindly been given by the team over at Miele will focus on healthy living workshops, food demonstrations and inspirational classes as well as pop-ups from leading London restaurants. And let’s be honest  with a  new superfood seemingly introduced every day we need all the knowledge we can get, if we’re going to be health gurus.

The events start in July with the likes of ‘Clean Living That Won’t Cost the Earth With Heidi Hearts’ , ‘DIY Supper club’ with Nutritiously Natasha and ‘My Healthy Essentials’ with Rebel Recipes . Each class will give Londoners a chance to meet lifestyle bloggers, top chefs and street food stars.

Since the kitchen is part of the studios it means it can be booked for corporate events, so forget board room meetings and strike your deals over food – who can say no to you, when you’ve just cooked them up a feast?

Icetank Kitchen events will all be pop up events with limited numbers so speedy booking is essential. New events will be added regularly, prices start at £45 and the first event is July 11th.

Icetank Kitchen: Opens 18th May, 5-7 Grape Street, WC2H 8DW,