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The Handbook

Before nightfall starts to hit us circa 3pm, it’s probably best to catch some last-min city views, and Pergola Olympia seem to be thinking the same, with the intro of their brand-new rooftop location, up, up, up and away.

If you know The Handbook, you’ll know we love a bit of a rooftop here and there, and this summer has been a blast with them. However, this botanical babe is sure to grab your attention, with “view goals”, seating for 500, three restaurants and, the important part, a huge open bar. It was about time Olympia had something on the roof and because we hold drinks and food in pretty high-esteem, we’re glad that’s what it’s all about. For those amongst us who stumble desperately between cuisines, meandering between pizza and salad, you’ll have the option of CLAW the crustaceous eatery, Patty & Bun for burger-bandits and Passo for the pizza-pundits.

To give credit where credit is due, winter isn’t all bad, often providing a velvet landscape of city lights, which is why you’ll be pleased to hear Pergola is open all-year round. Eat your heart out summer-only rooftops! Taking inspo from Pergola on the Roof, the exposed brickwork interior will be awash with green foliage to really create an outdoors in vibe, somewhat like existing inside of a giant greenhouse. The new location will support the community by hiring locally too.

Don’t throw rocks at glass houses and instead, come inside for a tipple or two…

Pergola Olympia has opened at Level Five Rooftop, Olympia Car Park, Olympia Way, Kensington, W14 8UX,