Kitchen Party is a new fully immersive dining, drinking and entertainment concept, just launched in Clerkenwell.  Curated by bar magnate, Bourne & Hollingsworth, Kitchen Party’s mission is to gather some of London's most exciting chefs and culinary entrepreneurs in one space, under one roof. The resulting party will feature a rolling programme that welcomes up to five temporary dining experiences at a time and changes every four to six weeks.

Located in a three-floored airy space just off Exmouth Market, Kitchen Party will be a blank canvas for new talent and gastronomic stars alike to tell their individual stories whilst being involved in a much bigger narrative.

Separated into a number of varied rooms and sections, each set designed to offer a completely different sensory environment, the venue provides a series of separate spaces that altogether make up one multi course experience. In the basement, you’ll find theatrical dining clubs while the top floor will host intimate chef's tables and meticulously prepared tasting menus.

Names to look out for over the coming weeks include Blanch and Shock, The Robin Collective and Rack & Ruin and there will also be interactive installations such as Russian Revels and the latest adventure from the team behind Mile High, The Great Indian Peninsula Railway.

This menagerie of multiple experiences, tastes, flavours and sights promises to offer something wholly with each visit. On any particular evening, diners can sip a Gin fizz from a flowery wallpapered wandering cocktail bar; take part in an edible installation; watch a breath-taking culinary performance, venture to the basement for dressing up, drinking, dancing and raucous feasting; tuck into a barbequed whole cuts of meat; or immerse themselves in the newest experimental dining craze, be it foraging or molecular gastronomy.  

Individually priced offers range from £15 – £50

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