A manifest expression of near-unattainable luxury, the Krug Balloon is an airborne experience illuminating the freshness, power and finesse of the gleaming, gold Krug Grande Cuvée.

Krug’s eight guests, a flight commander and waiter will soar in the arctic-white basket, suspended by a giant white orb. Extracted from the chaotic march of time, suffused in the rhythms of nature’s soft silence, select Krug balloonists will experience a private, out-of-this-world poetic expression of discerning individuality.

Panos Sarantopoulos, Krug president and CEO, has invited master craftsmen Bruno Domeau and Philippe Pérès, artisans of bespoke luxury, to customise the basket with an overlay of precise, contemporary comfort. He has also invited Marc Bretillot, food designer extraordinaire, to orchestrate a three course lunch that crystallises the ballooning experience with a menu inspired by airy sensations and lightness, a perfect compliment to Krug Grande Cuvée.

Paris was the elected city for the reveal. Inextricably linked to the romance and nostalgia of ballooning, the City of Light is where the Mongolfier brothers flew the world’s first balloon in 1783, when it drifted off from a launch at the Palace of Versailles. Sixty years later Johann-Joseph Krug founded his champagne house in Reims, immediately succeeding in an impassioned quest to make a Champagne that has a taste of its own. Six generations on, the house of Krug still brings to life this very same uncompromising excellence; with each generation, Krug descendants build a unique ‘memory bank’ of tastes and savoir faire, references which perpetuate the inimitable Krug style.

“Krug is an expression of the highest art, the transformation of nature through precise grape selection, the assemblage of a mosaic of different growths and the long ageing in the cellars,” says Olivier Krug. “This alchemy is ultimately expressed in the breathtaking abundance of flavours, the extraordinary contrast of richness, freshness, power and finesse. Every sip is a revelation.”

“Krug is regarded the world over as the finest expression of discernment and individuality. The balloon is an inspiring illustration of that very style,” says Panos Sarantopoulos.

The Krug Balloon has set off on its voyage over the three continents – leaving Paris in October 2007 for the US, Japan, back to Europe in the summer and Hong Kong in November 2008 – taking its unique ‘Krug Is In The Air’ poetic experience around the world.


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