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by | Posted on 23rd August 2013
London Event Planners

If London does one thing well it is parties, from extravagant, raucous revelry to sophisticated, sleek soirees. So it is a good thing then that there is a whole host of event planners, who can pretty much perform miracles when it comes to organising killer parties. All you have to do is work out how you are going to convince everyone that you really did make that 50ft custom chandelier all by yourself….

Chance Organisations

The past thirty years have seen Chance Organisations plan events from full scale award ceremonies and charity galas, to intimate dinners within a client’s house, so that dinner supper party you keep meaning to have, but you're too afraid to host as it will show up your cooking attemps? That can be fixed. Despite their names, nothing is left to chance, every detail is meticulous planned. The result?  Truly spectacular events.

Euro Events

When it comes to corporate hospitality, Euro Events have over thirty years of experience under the belts. Experienced the VIP hospitality at Chelsea Flower Show, Wimbledon, Henley , the never ending Pimms and the food that makes a stifling day at a sports event you aren't sure of the rules more bearable? Chances are it was organised by Euro Events.

Evolve Events

When it comes to your wedding you want everything to be just right, you don’t want to be presented with a room adorned with roses, when you actually wanted tulips… we know, disaster. So it is a good thing then that Evolve admit to being a bit nosey, but then so they should be if they are going to get to know you properly and create a truly personal wedding.

GSP Events

‘The reaction is everything’ the key words that global events planners GSP live by, and nothing is too much for these guys in creating that show stopping, jaw dropping moment. Want a room adorned with custom made crystal chandeliers? Want to have your face projected onto the side of a building, or need a field filled with performers in bird cages whilst you watch on from Bedouin tents? Not a problem. However obscure, GSP can sort it, so we want  Ryan Gosling shaped ice sculptures,  more cake then you can shake a stick at…

Impulse Events

From turning a city into a Hawaiian Beach to giving over 150 guests henna tattoos on arrival, Impulse Events know how to turn corporate and business functions into full scale events that we feel like anything but  work. Now you just have to figure out how to make all meetings, parties.


With thoughts turning to Christmas and the inevitable parties that come with it, we say take a look at Melon. They can arrange parties all over London from turning Battersea Power Station into 1920s Chicago to being snowed in at Vinopolis and even parties on the London Eye, although this might be problematic if you are trying to avoid that guy in accounts…

Organise Events

The clue is in the name, tell them what you want and Organise will get everything sorted, you need to just turn up and dazzle them with your effortless hosting skills. Whether you are after florists, mixologists, or even an appearance from an actor, tell them and it’s done. They can also arrange events at some of London’s most exclusive and iconic venues including Harrods and Annabel’s.

Undiluted Spirit

Mayfair based events organisers Undiluted Spirits, are all about impeccable attention to detail, honest guidance and inspirational vision. Their strong links with all aspects of technical production mean that they can bring you the latest innovation in multimedia, gone are the days of plugging your iPod into those speakers that belonged to your friend Dave,  we say choose them for fashion shows and events with big performances.

Snapdragon Parties

If you’re planning an event which is all about decadence, luxury and opulence then you need to be talking to Snapdragon Parties. Lavish Venetian masked balls, bejewelled garden tea parties and seriously stylish house parties, those thinking that a house party involves warm beer and a few crisps need not apply. The word for these parties? Divine.


It seems as if the days when a child’s birthday party consisted of musical chairs and jelly and ice cream are few and far between. Step in then Twizzle, who can organise everything from Mamma Mia inspired parties to paint balling, fashion shows and secret agent experiences, we feel slightly short changed now that pass the parcel was the highlight at our birthdays.  They’re pretty brilliant when it comes to organising action parties for adults too!

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