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The Handbook

When it comes to comfort food you really can’t beat a grilled cheese sandwich – melted, oozing cheese, thick bread, what’s not to love? Don’t agree? Just look at the photo above and try and tell us otherwise. If only there was somewhere that served them all day…well step in Melt Room the answer to all our cheese-based prayers (and trust us, it’s a few).

Opening next month in Soho, it will be serving up gourmet-inspired New York inspired cheese stuffed sandwiches. They’ll be championing the best of British ingredients and using a hot brick method for cooking and pressing the sandwich.

Yup that’s right and you don’t have to wait until lunch because it’s opened from breakfast! Start the day with the Highland Bagel, Philly cream cheese and London-cured smoked salmon, a Super Veggie option as well as a full English in the form of a grilled cheese sandwich, yes there is a god.

Solve a stressful morning in the office with The Classic, the holy grail of cheese grilled sandwiches made with Keens sharp cheddar double slices or how about the Slow and low lamb shoulder with mustard dressing greens and melted Swiss? They’ll be ‘Hero’ sandwiches each day, which to you and me means specials, you’ll find more creative pairings here.  On the side you’ll find crisp pickles, relish, cheesy sauces and goat’s cheese popcorn.

If the thought of all that cheese is a little too much or you’re now into summer body mode then there will be lighter options too including a tuna bean salad with melted mozzarella and the  Green Goddess made with quark.

The soundtrack of course is cheesy tunes – what else could it be?  

Melt Room: Opens May26 Noel Street, Soho, W1F 8GY,