The Handbook
The Handbook
By | 13th January 2014

Having opened amidst the pre-Christmas madness at the end of last year, you might have missed misschu’s Whitechapel debut but with further expansion into the City planned over the next 12 months, it’s certainly one to watch.

Hailing from Australia where it is one of the continent’s most popular boutique fast food brands, it was founded in 2007 by Nahji Chu, known to the Aussies as ‘Queen of Rice Paper Rolls'. Born in Luang Prahbang, Laos in 1970, Chu and her family escaped the Pathet Laos Regime in 1975 and were amongst the first Vietnamese/Laotian refugees to settle in Australia.

The menu mixes simplicity with exotic flavours. We’re talking Rice Paper Rolls filled with Tiger Prawn and Green Mango, or Roast Duck and Banana Flower that are largely gluten free and the Pho (Traditional Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup) is free from MSG. Portions are nutritionally balanced, all ingredients are high quality and made fresh on site each day.

Eco-friendly, electric delivery bikes bearing the Viet-English legend ‘you ling we bling’ can be seen zipping around East London, Sydney and Melbourne.

The misschu world is fused with the life history of its founder Nahji Chu and based on the ethos of surviving the unpredictable whilst extracting as much pleasure from city living as possible. The design of the interiors blends the hawker stall aesthetic with bespoke Western features. The wallpaper and child’s face of the brand is that of Nahji Chu and her family as snapped en route to Australia and even the menus still feature her Refugee Visa for entry into Australia.