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The Handbook

Any parents-to-be considering children’s names must alight upon ‘Horatio’ and for more than a split second ponder if it’s a viable name. Often as not it slips onto the ‘let’s remember it if we get a dog’ pile, along with Rufus and Jasper, but occasionally, just occasionally, it gets it’s rightful place in the sun and so we’re glad that the founders of East London’s Horatio Street Social Club ‘went there’.

Located on the eponymous Horatio Street, beneath The Nelson’s Head (see what they did?) the Horatio Street Social Club launches today and promises to be something a little special. Picture a smaller, more intimate, Callooh Callay, but before anybody knew about it. That’s Horatio Street Social Club right now, and the reason you should dash down there.

And Callooh Callay isn’t an idle juxtaposition, both the founders met there and it’s natural that they’ll bring some of the magic over to Horatio Street Social Club. It sounds like it might be a battle of the accents too, Jordie Simon Thompson has teamed up with Scouser Jake O’Brien Murphy to create this new venture. The two worked closely at Calloh Callay, where Thompson was General Manager, and their combined experience is both awesome and promising. This could really be ‘a thing’.

The cocktail menu will be centre stage, with newly created drinks like the Naïve Melody (Campari, white wine and kola nut cordial), inspired by the Italian Bicicletta – so named because after one drink a bicycle could be safely cycled home (The Handbook isn’t recommending putting this to the test!)), the Dirty Faces (Beeswax, Calvados, gin, apricot and verjus and Kill The Cook (tequila, red pepper, urfa, Red Iron and lime).

The interior will be intimate, low lighting, artwork on the walls and an emphasis on atmosphere, making this a cool place to hang out as well as a guaranteed excellent drinks! We’re going to head straight down to East London.

Horatio Street Social Club: The Nelson’s Head, 32 Horatio Street, Haggerston, E2 7SB