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Even by hipster East London standards this one’s a bit ruff, but is eating dog food the next big thing? According to The Dog House, Dalston’s latest opening, not only is it the dog’s b*llocks but we’re all going to be chomping down on Pedigree Chum in 2018’s weirdest trend yet.

The restaurant, brainchild of brother and sister duo Avril and Fullé Gagg, opens this weekend and, uniquely, the menu is drawn entirely from supermarket pet food labels, each combined with seasonal ingredients guaranteed to get your tail wagging.

Split into wet and dry food, the menu is served alongside a cocktail list carefully assembled by long term collaborator Sam Manella, formerly Head Mixologist at Battersea Dogs’, and noted for innovative use of cat milk in his award-winning drinks. The extra creamy milk, usually served luke-warm, will be freshly prepared each morning in the on-site cat dairy that doubles as a stray cat shelter. Expect to see cat milk daiquiris front of stage, not to mention his infamous cat milk piña colada, placed second at the 2016 National Cocktail Awards.

The three-course tasting menu leads with a delicious starter of tinned Pedigree Chum, mixed meats suspended in jelly and served with a selection of discarded vegetables. A main course of pigs’ ears on a bed of bone meal follows and a pudding of Cesar kibble pellets in a gravy sorbet to finish. Each course is available with a selection of freshly foraged sticks at no extra charge.

The surroundings, a former Kingsland Road petshop, have been lovingly converted into the 20-cover concept restaurant by a leading architect and will see couples housed in human-sized kennels while they partake in one of London’s most off-the-wall dining experiences.

The soft launch opens this weekend, but if you think we’ll be there then you must be barking!

The Dog House: Opens this Sunday, 1st April, at 719 Kingsland Road, Dalston, E8 4DL,