We all know, now more than ever, that we need to work towards saving the planet, to waste less and recycle more. Here at The Handbook HQ we’re always going to be big fans of those trying to cut down waste; so, we’re rather excited to hear about Nine Lives, a new cocktail bar coming to Bermondsey from the founders of renowned drinks agency Sweet&Chilli – Allan Gage, Emma Hutchison and Tom Soden.

How are they going to reduce waste? So, take for example, a lemon – when life gives Nine Lives lemons, the bar uses the skin, oils and juice in cocktails, they then redistill the pith to produce essential oils to use in liqueurs and hand soap. Then the discarded pith, skin and pulp has its PH balanced and is turned into compost which they then use to fertilise their backyard herb garden. Nifty eh?

The uniforms of the staff come from London’s best vintage shops and the cocktail recipes are reinvented from past favourites. The cocktails are divided into Shorts, Talls, Tarts, Lowriders and Loops – Loops being drinks that have reused key ingredients, like the lemons. Signature cocktails will include the Moby Dick, made from a coconut oil-washed grain whisky with a salted caramel syrup and Ômu Kooler made from Campari with a watermelon and cucumber.

Emma Hutchison aka Hutch is in charge of the design. Drawing inspiration from her studies in film, Hutch has created a subtle space, full of intrigue and textures; picture hanging plants, woven lamp shades, marbled fascias, copper bar surfaces and shuffleboard in the games room. Bringing everything together will be an eclectic soundtrack that spans all genres, because it’s just as much about the music as it is the cocktails.

Nine Lives: Opens Summer 2017, 8 Holyrood Street, Bermondsey, SE1 2EL, www.ninelivesbar.com

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