OVAL premium Vodka in the strictly limited Swarovski bottle

Brilliant, magical, tempting – the dazzling purity of crystals has a unique fascination. Now, Austria’s OVAL vodka combines the purity of its premium vodka with the magic of precious crystals to create an entrancing total work of art.

The new – strictly limited – OVAL Swarovski bottle creates glittering highlights: 7,000 multi-faceted Swarovski crystals ignite a real display of colourful fireworks on the avant-garde, prize-winning OVAL Vodka designer bottle and spotlight its precious and delicious content.

That is luxury that caresses all the senses!

The exclusive OVAL Swarovski special edition was handmade by the Berlin design office of “Bling My Thing” which earned its reputation with VIP mobile phones decorated with crystals and many other unique objects. It is packaged in a luxurious, white nappa leather casket making this rare article not only a breathtaking Christmas present for sophisticated connoisseurs but also an interesting object for collectors of exclusive design.

The idea of ennobling the avant-garde OVAL bottle with Swarovski crystal was carefully considered. Both Austria’s OVAL premium vodka and the absolutely pure and precisely cut Swarovski crystals are the result of years of experience, innovative energy and technical perfection.


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