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Patty & Bun Opens in Shoreditch

By Emily Gray | 13th July 2016

London is full of burgers. Everywhere you look there are new burger joints popping up, new combinations of toppings each more ludicrous and delicious than the next. Well now it’s time to step aside because a burger giant is back and opening their next venue in Shoreditch.

Yep Patty & Bun are back and they’re about to shake up Redchurch Street with their burger den that owner, Joe Grossman has described as a ‘raucous little animal’. Upstairs you’ll find a counter top with bar seating, open kitchen and a bar, wander downstairs, however, and you’ll find a speakeasy drinking den with plush banquette seating.

P&B fans will find classics such as the Ari Gold and Smokey Robinson on the menu as well as new editions and they’re every bit as dirty and indulgent as you’d expect, we’re talking beer nuts, potato chips with shrimp and chilli salt, fried potato soft egg with roast chicken mayo and chicken skin salt and bacon chop.

Of course you’ll need something to wash it all down with and they’ll be focusing on beer and cracking cocktails. Signature drinks will sit alongside new offerings including Dr Notley made from Fernet Branca, tequila reposado, lime and ginger beer and the punny Patty Like It’s 1999 – vodka, Blue Curacao, cranberry and violet syrup ‘purple rim.’

You don’t have to wait long until you can get your P & B fix, they’re opening at the end of July, or in the meantime head to one of their other sites – of which there are now four.

There are burgers and then there is Patty  & Bun .

Patty & Bun Redchurch Street: Opens 28th July 2016,  36 Redchurch Street,  Shoreditch, E2 7PD,