The Handbook
The Handbook

It’s with very sad news that we have to tell you that Phileas Fogg’s auntie, actress Gertrude Fogg has passed away. Let’s all take a moment to reflect on what a great actress she was, albeit fictional. Now that we have shown our respect, let’s move on to some happier news, having returned from his worldly adventures, Phileas has discovered that he is the sole beneficiary of his aunt and has inherited her property on St Martin’s Lane.

He was left a note that the downstairs of the building had to be turned into a tavern for Gertrude’s housekeeper, Fanny McGee to entertain her friends in, but he was given free reign of upstairs and so has chosen to turn it into a gin parlour and salon – much more his style.

Downstairs in the tavern, a warm wooden interior will be home to 19th century artifacts, you’ll find all manner of stuffed birds and oddities hanging from the ceilings.  You can drink yourself into a merry stupor on traditional liqueur whilst feasting on the best pies in London Town, or so they say, which will be served up by staff in traditional overalls along with roast game, fowl, sea dishes, vegetables and smoked and salted beef.

Upstairs ladies and gentlemen will have their own separate entrance to the gin parlour which will display Getrude’s antique theatrical props, wigs and old scripts. Ornate glass chandeliers will hang from the ceilings, whilst damask curtains, bijoux objects, stuffed animals and some of Phileas’ treasures such as maps will decorate the room.  Gins, tonics and botanicals will line the shelves of the gin parlour and in the salon they’ll be big silver bowls brimming with the finest punch.

Come the weekend you can indulge in a little Tipsy Tea, dainty cakes, sandwiches, little pastries and teapots of cocktails. Huzzah!  

Mr Fogg’s Tavern: Opens 19th October,  58 St Martin’s Lane, WC2N 4EA,