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The Handbook

There’s monkey business going down at Spitalfields with a new restaurant and bar from friends Ben Lusty and Can Turker. The name Pickled Fred pays homage to a monkey the duo met while travelling in the Philippines. Fred, a mischievous pickle-stealing monkey, is now immortalised as the inspiration for this exciting cocktail and food venue which will heavily feature pickles and ferments in both the Asian-inspired food and drinks menus.

Lusty and Turker met while working at Zilouf’s in Islington and later at 100 Hoxton and have teamed up with Dan Borham a street food expert who cut his teeth at Fleisch Mob, Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen and Sub Cult. Together they have a fine pedigree and heaps of experience to wheel into Picked Fred, giving us high hopes of something special when they open on 6th September.

Their menu looks great, too, a cascade of bold flavours and fun-takes. Much of the food is vegan, dairy or gluten free and includes Jackfruit Scotch Egg, masala mayonnaise and lotus root crisps, wasabi, avocado aquafaba. Small plates feature grilled octopus, harissa marinated chickpeas, black tahini, pickled red onions, preserved lemons and beef shin and bone marrow rendang, pickled red chillies, crispy shallots. Flatbreads or chickpea pancakes will come topped with Bahn Mi or Chermoula Aubergine as well as harissa lamb and lemongrass poached prawns.

Catch the soft-launch at until Sunday 3rd September where you get a rather good 50% off, or else join for the real thing after the 6th. We’re chimping at the bit…

Pickled Fred: Opens 6th September 2017, 61 Hanbury Street, Spitalfields,  E1 5JP,