The Handbook
The Handbook

RIGO’ is the Piedmontese word for a journey of rigorous research, it’s also the name of the new restaurant from Gonzalo Luzarraga and Francesco Ferretti, because ‘A Journey of Rigorous Research’ doesn’t really have the same ring to it.

The journey that this restaurant will be telling, is Gonzalo’s own journey from when he first tasted his grandfather’s bread on the French borders of Italy to when learning the art of foraging from Walter Eynard in Torino and mastering classical French techniques in Alain Ducasse’s institutional Le Louis XV. Quite the culinary journey, more so when ours is the just the routine trip to the fridge and back.

They’ll be telling the story through the medium of food, using unusual flavours and lesser known ingredients and you can choose from the full story and the abridged version. The six- course signature menu will tell the full story and will include Gonzalo’s signature dish of sea urchin with bagna caoda, quail egg and fermented milk. Other dishes on the menu include tomato tart with Heart of Camone, stracciatella barese and verbena extract and porcini brûlé with chestnut cream and black sesame. If you don’t have time for the whole journey then you can join in parts with the four course a la carte menu with snacks. Here you’ll find seven- year aged risotto Acquerello with black garlic and sea anemone and Foresta near – a rich pudding made with fermented Visciola cherries and flat peach.

Federico G Dadone will be at the bar serving up classic cocktails made with a RIGO’ twist. So, there is a Royal Aperol Spritz with Champagne, vermouth and a unique pomegranate and basil tonic and the Mentha Margherita of freshly juiced mint leaves a la minute and a half and half salt/sugar rim. If it’s wine you’re after, then there will be a focus on Italian wines, but also bottles from France, Spain and the New World. If you ask to see the Solitaire wine list then you’ll be shown a list of ‘lonely’ bottles, one-offs from trips to vineyards and bottled during the best vintages –essentially the ones to impress.

Set across three rooms, RIGO’ will find its home in a quintessential Victorian building which will embody 1950s Milan with marked gold lettering and generous windows. Brass lamps will top black and white marble columns and a terrazzo counter will sit in front of the open kitchen. There’ll be a small bar with just a handful chairs and an intimate walled garden for just six guests.  The second rooms is inspired by Piero Portaluppi’s iconic Villa Del Dosso and is lined with grey-blue diamond panelling whilst the innermost room juxtaposes a vibrant mustard yellow with white panelling.

RIGO’: Open Now, 277 New Kings Road, Parsons Green SW6 4RD,

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